CASE STUDY: Flexible packaging

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Our flexible food packaging leverage materials such as plastic, film, and paper to protect your product while offering an excellent material to include an attractive branding.

Sweet Martha’s Cookie Jar // Putting Frozen Cookie Dough Front & Center

Sweet Martha’s cookies have been a popular Minnesota State Fair staple for over 25 years. Eventually, this small company began selling their frozen cookie dough in local grocers’ freezers. Although customers are usually clambering for these tasty chocolate chip treats, sales on the pre-cut frozen dough were flat and new retailers were reluctant to take on the product. One look at the line printed, low density polyethylene (LDPE) packaging told the story: designed to lie horizontally in the freezer case, visibility was severely limited. Customers simply didn’t realize that Sweet Martha’s cookies had become a frozen, bake-at-home option.


To capture shoppers’ attention, we designed a vertical, stand-up pouch that would stock easily in the freezer case while delivering optimal visibility. We then sourced and worked closely with the packaging manufacturer to select the right-sized gusseted bag and proper zipper placement. A graphic designer was brought in to create an eye-catching new brand identity that could be extended to include additional cookie varieties as they became available. After that, it was time to place the order and start packing cookies.

Today, Sweet Martha’s is a frozen success. After their new packaging hit shelves, sales of their frozen cookie dough went up, and now they’re getting shelf space with plenty of new retailers throughout the upper Midwest.

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