Our rigid thermoformed trays offer a range of material options with medium and high-barrier properties. Our custom thermoformed trays prolong freshness, and can be finished with an attractive paperboard sleeve.

Simply Potatoes® // A Simple Approach to a Complex Problem

Northern Star Company, a wholly owned division of Michael Foods, is the nation’s largest provider of refrigerated potatoes. Packaging for their retail brands Simply Potatoes® and Diner’s Choice ® was originally produced using form-fill-and-seal technology. But continual machine stoppages resulted in poor production output—and what was produced featured unsightly “angel hairs” due to poor film cutting


When Northern Star approached us, we’d just finished helping a large, national discount retailer update their case-ready meat program with a barrier polypropylene tray and lid solution. This technology seemed to be a good fit for what Northern Star wanted to accomplish. First we created a unique, oval-shaped tray design that would provide an elegant “table-acceptable” solution and also allow for vertical display. Then we worked closely with the paperboard supplier to ensure that the sleeves not only featured enticing graphics of each mashed potato variety, but also properly reinforced the vertical display.

Once this pre-formed tray and overwrap paperboard sleeve solution was put into practice, Northern Star was pleased to find they no longer struggled with production issues. Even better, it led to a production and sales increase of 40 percent within just three years.

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