Our rigid thermoformed trays offer a range of material options with medium and high-barrier properties. Our custom thermoformed trays prolong freshness, and can be finished with an attractive paperboard sleeve.

HORMEL® REV® WRAPS // Introducing a New Product Category

Hormel launched a new product category in 2013 with REV® Wraps—a healthy snack alternative that provides energy on the go. Directed toward busy millennials, this high-protein meal is made with real meat and real cheese, and offers the convenience active consumers demand. REV Wraps are easy to grab, easy to prepare (hot or cold), and easy to eat, perfect for on-the-go energy boosts. Although Hormel was first to market, competitors are scurrying to enter this emerging category.


For 2-1/2 years, we worked closely with Hormel to develop the ideal solution for REV Wraps. Extended shelf life performance requirements demanded an excellent oxygen barrier. Other must-haves included the ability to go from refrigerated to microwave temperature extremes. Maximum product protection was built in, even while minimizing the materials and package footprint. Finally, we created a unique shape that could both stand up and lay flat to accommodate a variety of refrigerated shelving environments.

With a consumer-friendly form that’s easy to grip, REV Wraps packaging was designed as a perforated 3-pack that can be filled and packed as individuals or as a multipack. Eight varieties were originally launched. Hormel has now doubled that with plans to add even more. Progressive Packaging was awarded “Package of the Year” (refrigerated food category) in the IOPP “Ameristar” competition. Even better, Hormel considers REV Wraps to be their most successful product launch ever.

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