Our thermoformed tray solutions offer a range of material options with medium and high-barrier properties. Our custom thermoformed trays prolong freshness, and can be finished with an attractive paperboard sleeve.

HORMEL® FRESH ENTRÉES™ // Designing a Two-for-One Solution

Hormel was looking to develop packaging for their new line of refrigerated meals. These precooked meals offered a fresh-not-frozen appeal, satisfying consumers’ desire for ease and efficiency while adding an enhanced flavor profile. The packaging solution needed to meet all case-ready requirements, of course. But it also had to accommodate the production reality that individual food items called for individual pre-cooking requirements. If they must pre-cook separately, how can they be packaged together for sale?


In response, Progressive Packaging created the double-welded tray. Originally manufactured as two separate trays, each food item can be individually cooked to the right temperature and for the right amount of time. Then the trays are fused together during the packaging process to deliver a one-step, cooked-right meal solution just reheat and serve. The unique steam seal even whistles when it’s done. We also designed the Hormel® Fresh Entrées™ packaging so that it could both stand up and lie flat for variable display options.

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