CASE STUDY: Flexible packaging

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Our flexible food packaging leverage materials such as plastic, film, and paper to protect your product while offering an excellent material to include an attractive branding.

Simply Potatoes Steamables // Extending a Well-known Brand

For years, consumers have had a hearty appetite for Simply Potatoes,® the popular refrigerator-to-table solution that offered convenience and short prep times without sacrificing flavor. So the client wanted to extend this line to include fresh sliced potatoes that could be prepared in a microwave instead of on a stovetop. But that required the development of a microwaveable, steamable pouch for cooking potatoes— something that had never been done before.


For Simply Potatoes® Steamables®, Progressive Packaging sourced a micro-perforated pouch in which the micro-pores open under pressure and collapse afterwards. This prevents moisture from weeping in the microwave, forcing the steam to do the cooking rather than escaping. We also designed the packaging to work well with the client’s current filling and sealing equipment, maximizing this solution’s cost-effectiveness. The result is a first-to-market steam-in-the-bag cooking solution for sliced potatoes that seals in flavor and delivers a delicious heat-and-serve side dish in 5 minutes or less.

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