Our thermoformed tray solutions offer a range of material options with medium and high-barrier properties. Our custom thermoformed trays prolong freshness, and can be finished with an attractive paperboard sleeve.

HORMEL® // Seasonal, Team-Themed Party Trays

Since 2005, Hormel Foods has enjoyed great success with their line of traditional party trays featuring different deli meat, cheese, and cracker combinations. They’re steady sellers year-round, and peak exceptionally well during graduation and holiday periods. Given the ready popularity of these convenient party trays, Hormel wanted to explore additional opportunities for special-occasion varieties.


In partnership with Hormel, we decided to target seasonal sporting events. Our design and development team immediately went to work on drawings that would appeal to groups gathering to cheer for their favorite team. The ideal packaging concept had to clearly denote a particular sport while also offering ample functionality for product placement and serving convenience. In the process of identifying the optimal solution, our in-house 3D rendering capabilities produced multiple prototypes. We also sourced and managed the printing and label companies, working closely with them through each packaging iteration.

Eventually, we helped Hormel successfully launch the Tailgate Tray and the Tournament Tray. They each made an immediate connection with consumers, encouraging game-day celebration while offering clear product display and functional serving capabilities. Both product entries were offered to retailers as promotional offers, prompting additional sales for both Hormel and the retailer.

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