Our rigid thermoformed trays offer a range of material options with medium and high-barrier properties. Our custom thermoformed trays prolong freshness, and can be finished with an attractive paperboard sleeve.

HORMEL® SNACK TRAY // Helping a Small Tray Make a Big Impact

Hormel party trays have become a perennial favorite, providing no-prep finger food for get-togethers and other occasions. But no two gatherings are the same. This time, Hormel wanted to create a high protein snack option that was ideal for a small group


This 7″ deli meat and cracker concept is perfect for a smaller party, lunch meeting, or break time gathering. Three varieties of meat, cheese, and cracker combinations were developed. The various contents are nestled into separate compartments for enhanced product protection and consumer convenience. The high-clarity package offers both stand-up and lay-flat capabilities, allowing for prominent display within the deli case. Although this snack solution was originally created as a seasonal offering only, customer demand fueled increased production. The Hormel Snack Tray is now sold year round and is Hormel’s largest selling deli meat tray.

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